Why Jeffery Kamikow Believes You Can’t Afford to Ignore Mobile Advertising

Workplace with mobile phone


Did you know that mobile advertising will soon take over as the top internet advertising medium? There’s no question that mobile advertising has seen explosive growth in the past five years. It is now poised to take over desktop advertising in 2018, according to Zenith Optimedia.

In that year, mobile advertising is expected to make up 58% of all internet advertising. Mobile advertising actually grew by 98% last year, and desktop advertising reached its peak in 2014. Since then, it has began its slow, steady decline as more people use mobile devices, making mobile advertisers like Jeff Kamikow extremely excited. According to eMarketer, advertisers could spend as much as $100 billion on mobile advertising in 2016.

One of the reasons why mobile advertising has seen such an influx of growth in the past few years is how users engage with their mobile devices. They don’t take a minute with their device and put it down. They use it constantly throughout the day. According to the latest statistics, users spend as much as three hours each day on their mobile devices. 2.5 hours of that is on social medial apps, making it a highly valuable source for advertisers like Jeff Kamikow. In addition to that, one in three people watch videos on their mobile devices, which should mean advertisers will invest in more video ads as well.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why the rise of mobile advertising means that those looking to advertise and enhance their branding can no longer afford to sit back and keep their advertising in obsolete markets. Contact a marketing company that specializes in mobile advertising to improve your ROI.